Photo/Story Gallery 2005

Troopers Offer Support in Mississippi

Troopers directing convoy of search & rescue vehicles.Colonel Knight recently deployed 105 troopers to Mississippi to assist with relief efforts during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. FHP’s experience in how to help after a hurricane has proved invaluable. Troopers have been called upon to escort fuel trucks and search & rescue vehicles, provide security, direct traffic, and hand out food and water to victims of the storm.

Troopers directing traffic in Mississippi.Unfortunately, looting is one of the biggest problems in the area. So far, troopers have had to arrest dozens of people for curfew violations and looting. One looter drove all the way from Jacksonville to Moss Point, Mississippi–not to help the victims, but to steal from them in their time of need. Luckily, FHP caught up with the thief and arrested him.

The citizens of Mississippi continue to express their deep appreciation for our assistance.

FHP expects this relief mission to continue for at least three more weeks, perhaps longer, as troopers are rotated each week to relieve those working in Mississippi. As always, our members are to be commended for their valiant efforts to help others during this recent crisis.