Photo/Story Gallery 2005

Trooper Jumps Bridge To Save Own Life

Trooper Jessie HuntRecently, while completing a crash investigation in Escambia County and taking scene measurements on Lillian Highway east of State Road 173, Trooper Jessie Hunt suddenly had to jump for his life! While walking west across a small bridge on the highway, Trooper Hunt suddenly heard a vehicle skidding on the wet pavement, approaching him from behind. To avoid being struck by the vehicle, Trooper Hunt had to jump over the bridge’s guardrail. He landed in the creek below, striking loose rocks and surface material under the water. In addition, while diving over the bridge, Trooper Hunt struck the metal guardrail with his left leg, sustaining a laceration.

Thankfully, Trooper Hunt was able to crawl out of the creek and walk back to his patrol car to call for medical assistance. Escambia County’s EMS responded to the scene, treated his injuries, and transported him to West Florida Hospital. Trooper Hunt was treated for the leg laceration and some minor abrasions. He was later released. Charges against the driver who nearly struck Trooper Hunt are pending.