Photo/Story Gallery 2005

Trooper Catches Road Rage Driver

Trooper SmyrniosOn April 5th, Trooper George Smyrnios was notified of a reckless driver complaint–a potential road rage incident–on I-75 southbound in Lee County around the Alico Road exit. The Ft. Myers Regional Communications Center (FMRCC) received minimal information by the caller because of a language barrier and eventually the call was dropped. With only limited information, Trooper Smyrnios located the caller on I-75 at the 128-mile marker.

When he arrived on the scene, Trooper Smyrnios observed that the driver’s side door and window had been shot several times, possibly with a sling shot. By questioning the victim, a possible location of the suspect’s vehicle was obtained. Trooper Smyrnios obtained driver and passenger information from the manager where the suspects (driver and passenger) were employed, and had the manager set up a meeting with him for the following morning. They all met the next day at a local restaurant. Unknown to the key road rage suspect (the passenger in the vehicle), Trooper Smyrnios had obtained enough information and evidence to arrest him for throwing deadly missiles into an occupied vehicle and for criminal mischief.