Photo/Story Gallery 2005

Troop L Helps After Hurricane Wilma

Major Guzman addresses Davie Troopers after Hurricane Wilma.When Hurricane Wilma swept across the state, damage estimates to the Troop L Davie station had some guessing that the building may need to be completely rebuilt on the inside. Local troopers who had sustained substantial damage to their homes also had no safe haven at their disposal, as with past storms.

Pictured: Major Miquel Guzman addresses Davie Troopers after Hurricane Wilma.

Troop L Commander Major Miguel Guzman was quick to take action for his troopers. First, he made sure that troopers and their family’s needs were met. Second, to help build confidence and give troopers hope that their lives would return to normal, Major Guzman held a critical incident stress debriefing meeting at the Davie station, five days after the hurricane. FHPA Doctor Brad Feuer headed the debriefing service while extending counseling for any family member in need. Major Guzman expressed compassion for members who had been overcome by the storms impact, but assured everyone that the station would be rebuilt and life would return to normal. Major Guzman then helped serve up a meal for everyone in attendance, and encouraged them to take a meal home if they had a neighbor in need of food.

Cpl. Borman preparing the food.
Cpl. Borman prepares the food.

FHPA Doctor Brad Feuer conducts C.I.S.D. meeting.
FHPA Doctor Brad Feuer conducts C.I.S.D. meeting.

Major Guzman in the right place!
Major Guzman helps out.

Major Guzman working the serving line.
Major Guzman works the serving line.