Photo/Story Gallery 2005

Traffic Stop Nabs a Thief

Trooper LaneseRecently, Trooper Lanese attempted to stop a motorist for traveling 90 in a 65 MPH zone on Interstate 275 in Pinellas County. The driver refused to stop. He raced away from Trooper Lanese, exited the interstate, and hid his vehicle in a nearby parking lot. The suspect then fled on foot. A search of the vehicle revealed a large bundle of stolen credit cards and checks, a ski mask, a police scanner, ammunition, and an identification card of the suspect. All items found were turned over to the local police who were conducting an investigation in relation to the stolen goods.

Trooper Lanese’s actions provided the local agency with a suspect and the connection between the ammunition and a firearm that was used in a robbery. Trooper Lanese’s commitment to traffic enforcement and his ability to look past what appeared to be a simple traffic stop, lead to the ultimate arrest of an armed robbery suspect. Good job!