Photo/Story Gallery 2005

Three Lieutenants Retire

Lts. Compton, Hall, and Compton cut their retirement cake. Chief Lee, Lt. Compton, Cpt. Brierton, Lt. Hall, Lt. Compton, Cpt. Egeli and Cpt. Pelton at the retirement celebration.Troop K staff showed its love and appreciation to three of its most respected and dedicated supervisors who have all announced their retirement.

Lieutenants Steve Compton, Ann Hall, and Teresa Compton will all soon retire. Chief James Lee arranged to recognize them after the conclusion of a staff meeting on February 17th. All three members demonstrated outstanding professionalism and served as positive examples of Florida Highway Patrol employees throughout their distinguished careers. They will be greatly missed!

Thanks to the FHP Command Officers Association for providing refreshments for the retirement celebration.

Pictured left, Lts. Steve Compton, Ann Hall, and Teresa Compton cut their retirement cake and right, (R to L) Chief Jim Lee, Lt. Steve Compton, Captain Jim Brierton, Lt. Ann Hall, Lt. Teresa Compton, Captain Ebe Egeli and Captain Brad Pelton at the retirement celebration.