Photo/Story Gallery 2005

Never A Dull Moment

Trooper Roger GlascoSince the inception of the FHP Sunshine Skyway Bridge suicide prevention patrols, there is rarely any down time for the many troopers who routinely patrol the bridge, rest areas, and fishing piers on the eight-mile portion of Interstate 275 over the Port of Tampa shipping channel. From suicide interventions, fights, and serious crash investigations 200 feet above water, our troopers have seen it all!

One recent patrol by Lakeland District Trooper Roger Glasco yielded a wanted criminal. While making one of his last complete laps of the bridge span before daybreak, Trooper Glasco began to pace clock a car at over 90 miles per hour. As the two vehicles began to ascend into the clouds, Trooper Glasco made a traffic stop before the vehicle could go any faster. The driver, who carried no driver license and was not sure who owned the car he was driving, provided a name to Trooper Glasco that just did not seem right. After a few changes to the name, it became clear to Trooper Glasco that he had in his possession a fugitive from justice, who was wanted in Manatee County for murder.

Another criminal is removed from Florida’s highways and the adventure continues for the FHP troopers on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.