Photo/Story Gallery 2005

Manatee County 100 Club Honors Troopers

Lt.  Dodson, Trooper Moore, Trooper Mitchell, and Major TharpeTroopers Richard Moore and Gregory Mitchell were nominated as co-recipients of the Manatee County 100 Club’s Officer of the Year. Each year, the Manatee 100 Club recognizes federal, state, and local law enforcement officers for outstanding service to the community. The two troopers were nominated for their dedication and diligent DUI enforcement efforts during 2004.

Pictured L to R: Lt. Doug Dodson, Trooper Richard Moore, Trooper Greg Mitchell, and Major Rebecca Tharpe

Despite having to be away from their families, spend additional time in court, and work long hours, Troopers Moore and Mitchell went above and beyond the call of duty, arresting a combined total of 202 motorists for DUI. In addition, Troopers Moore and Mitchell collectively issued 1,059 arrests, gave 274 warnings, wrote out 237 correction cards, and investigated 163 traffic crashes. They also seized for forfeiture four vehicles from intoxicated drivers who had previous DUI arrests and were driving on suspended or revoked licenses.

The dedication of Troopers Moore and Mitchell, along with their positive attitudes and exceptional work ethic set an example for others to follow. There is no doubt that countless lives have been saved as a result of the diligent efforts of these two troopers. The citizens of Manatee County can be assured that FHP troopers are dedicated to DUI enforcement.