Photo/Story Gallery 2005

Lo-Jack Helps Trooper Nab Thieves

Trooper BentonWhile on patrol in Pinellas County, Trooper Benton received a Lo-Jack hit that directed him to a local bank parking lot where he found the stolen Toyota Camry. The suspect was sitting inside the vehicle. After taking him into custody and placing him in the back of the patrol car, the suspect advised Trooper Benton that his accomplice was currently inside the bank conducting a transaction. Learning this bit of information, Trooper Benton drove his patrol car to the rear of the parking lot out of sight and maintained surveillance on the stolen car. Moments later, the accomplice approached the stolen vehicle and was also taken into custody.

Both suspects were now under arrest. After witnessing the arrest of the men from the window, the bank teller decided to review the accomplice’s banking transaction a little closer. What a surprise to find that the second suspect had just passed a forged check! It was no surprise to Trooper Benton to find numerous outstanding warrants on each of the suspects, including fraud, passing worthless checks, and lewd and lascivious behavior. Thanks to Trooper Benton and Lo-Jack technology, two criminals are off the street and behind bars where they belong!