Photo/Story Gallery 2005

Hunch Leads to Drug Bust

Trooper OgdenIn the early morning hours on Interstate 75 in Sumter County, Brooksville District Trooper Hazen Ogden suspected that something was out of the ordinary with a vehicle that was stopped for unlawful speed. Following his suspicion and being granted permission to search the vehicle by the driver, Trooper Ogden found 28 grams of Marijuana, 33.5 grams of cocaine, 30 Ecstasy pills, 3 oxycontin pills, 7 aplarazalam pills, 13 mylan pills, a digital scale, a loaded 9 mm pistol, and $4,690 in cash.

Needless to say the suspect was arrested, removing yet another drug trafficker from our roadways, along with a lot of illegal narcotics, a firearm, and drug money. Kudos to Trooper Ogden for looking past the traffic stop and following a hunch!