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Florida Teams Win Battle of the Border

Florida and Georgia teams meeting up for the annual Battle of the Border charity event.On April 7th & 8th, troopers from Florida and Georgia met in Lake Park, Georgia to play golf and softball to determine who would control the border.

The Battle of the Border is an annual competition that includes charitable softball and golf tournaments. Golf teams representing each agency played at the Kinderlou Forest Golf Course just north of Lake Park.

The Florida golf team included Lt. Colonel Ken Howes, Captain Jeff Succi, Lieutenant John Bagnardi and WCTV weatherman Rob Nucatola. In between rain showers, the Florida team managed to soundly defeat the Georgia team.

Colonel Hitchens Georgia, Colonel Knight Florida Colonels from Florida and Georgia with #1 jerseys.On Friday evening softball teams from the two rival states geared up and got ready to play ball.

Pictured left, Colonel’s Conference – Colonel Hitchens Georgia, Colonel Knight Florida and right, 1 + 1 = 37 to 15

During pre game warm ups, the two teams traded war stories, jokes, and a few predictions. But once the ball was put into play, things got serious real fast. The Florida team jumped to a 16-0 lead by the end of the first inning.

Every player on the team contributed to the strong offense shown in the top of the 1st inning. Captain Al Wofford and Corporal John Britt both contributed by scoring home runs, setting the pace for the entire game.

The final score: Florida 37, Georgia 15. Everyone enjoyed the game and many new friends were made as a result.

The Florida Highway Patrol would like to thank the Lake Park Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center for hosting this event, The American Association of State Troopers for its sponsorship, The Georgia State Patrol and Georgia Peace Officers Association for their hospitality, friendship and sportsmanship.

Florida Georgia Teams
Florida Georgia Teams

Florida Troopers Cimino, Earrey, and Rios
Florida Troopers await the game
L-R: Troopers David Cimino, Josh Earrey, Luis Rios

Captain Wofford on the phone, Retired Trooper Johnson talking
“Hi this is Al…” Captain Al Wofford as usual on the phone, and Retired Trooper B.R. Johnson as usual just talking.