Photo/Story Gallery 2005

FHP Grabs Gas Guzzler

Contraband Interdiction Logo.Sergeant Dan Hinton and Troopers Jason Eason and Adam Heinlein were on Kings Highway when a report was given to them that a male subject was giving a clerk at a nearby store a difficult time. All three troopers responded to the scene, entered the store and contacted the subject. The store clerk informed the troopers that the man had been getting gas at the store on a regular basis and was simply driving away.

The clerk had 13 receipts for the drive offs and they each had a physical description of the subject and the vehicle he was driving. The suspect indicated that he was willing to pay for the gas that he had just pumped. The clerk indicated that when she recognized the man she immediately turned the pump off and he came into the store. When he produced a pay check with his name on it and indicated that he did not have his driver license with him, he was asked to give his date of birth and social security number for identification purposes.

He subsequently gave a fictitious SS # and a different date of birth. He also displayed overt nervous behavior while conversing with the troopers and indicated that his girlfriend must have been responsible for the drive offs. A records check using “DAVID”, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle’s “Driver and Vehicle Information Database”, and the Fort Myers Regional Communications Center, revealed a close match to the suspect. A positive identification was made and a national and state records check revealed that there were thirteen (13) outstanding felony warrants for the subject.

The warrants were for theft charges in Nassau County, Union County and Charlotte County, Florida. The warrants ranged from violation of probation for theft charges to Grand Theft charges. In addition to the total number of felony warrants, the suspect admitted to the 13 gas drive offs, which totaled $420. He was also found to have two prior convictions for theft charges.

The subject was arrested and taken to the Charlotte County Jail and charged with the outstanding warrants, Obstruction of Justice for giving false information, and 13 felony counts of theft.