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FHP Gets New E/P Tracking System

FHP's evidence custodians.On April 21st, FHP members designated as evidence custodians from all troops met at the Academy for a training class on the new computer software system that will be used to track evidence/property in all of the Patrol’s 32 E/P rooms around the state. The new computer system is an advanced, state of the art program that was specially designed for the Florida Highway Patrol.

Pictured: FHP’s evidence custodians receive training in the new evidence/property computerized tracking system.

Rather than purchasing a product off the shelf, Colonel Christopher Knight wanted to have a software program that was tailor-made for the specific operations of the FHP–one that would enhance the overall integrity of the daily E/P case management system. The new Evidence Tracking System includes a bar code scanner and printer that will greatly improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy in tracking the chain of custody and current status of all evidence/property from the point of seizure to final disposition or destruction.

As with other major milestones such as mobile data terminals (MDTs) and the 800 MHz radio system, the new Evidence Tracking System will help to bridge one more technology gap for the Patrol. Troopers will soon be able to instantly enter all the data on their MDTs, print out their E/P receipts, and notify the E/P custodian electronically that evidence/property is pending submission into the E/P room. In addition, the FHP is in the process of finalizing a complete, modern revision of all of its evidence/property policies and procedures to give its members a clear and comprehensive guide in the overall management of the E/P control function. These new policies will be introduced in the field very soon.

Danny Tuten of Jet Consulting/Version2network.
Danny Tuten of Jet Consulting/Version2network, the contracted vendor for this project, gives his presentation to FHP members.

Colonel Knight addressing members at training.
Colonel Knight addresses members at training.

Attendees learning about the new system.
Attendees learn about the new system.