Photo/Story Gallery 2005

Duty Officers Help Locate Drugged Victim

Duty OfficersRecently, Day shift Duty Officer Sean Pinto received a call from a father who said his son had possibly taken some medication and was headed to Gainesville to commit suicide. The father was not sure where he was or what road he was on. Duty Officer Pinto took the father’s information and the son’s cell phone number. He then called the number and the son, Jerrod, answered. He was not able to give much information as to where he was, but he did say that he had taken a lot of pills.

Duty Officer Pinto kept Jerrod on the phone to get more information on his location, find out what kind of pills he took, and give him reassurance that FHP wanted to help him. Everyone worked together, using every resource to try and locate this potential victim. Everyone had a different job and worked as a cohesive unit.

Suddenly, it was discovered that Jerrod was practically outside the Communications Center door. At this time, Shift Commander, Lt. E. Hingson and Fred Howe, along with Duty Officers Robyn Lee-Grant and Sandra Davis, drove down to the exit ramp at the E-93 Lake Worth road exit to look for Jerrod’s car.

Lt. Hingson found the vehicle in the parking lot of a motel near the exit, made contact with the manager, and gained entry into Jarrod’s room with Troopers Kane & Zarazinski as back up. The Communications Center had Fire Rescue standing by until the scene was secure. When they found Jarrod, he was unresponsive and barely breathing. He was found just in time thanks to FHP’s Lake Worth Communications Center team!