Photo/Story Gallery 2005

Another Would-Be Jumper Saved

Trooper CovertOnce again a member of the Florida Highway Patrol has saved a life on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, high above the Gulf of Mexico. This time, Trooper James Covert rescued an intoxicated woman who was threatening to commit suicide. Trooper Covert responded to a call reporting that a woman was lying on the cement barrier wall, half way over the side of the bridge 200 feet above the Port of Tampa’s shipping channel.

Trooper Covert arrived just in time to grab her before she went over the side. Placing his own life in harm’s way, Trooper Covert was able to physically subdue her until an ambulance arrived and transported her to a nearby hospital where Trooper Covert completed Florida’s Baker Act forms seeking help for her.

Since the FHP’s 24 hour a day Sunshine Skyway Bridge patrol began in January 2000, FHP Troopers have saved 60 people from jumping to their deaths in the waters below.