Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Troops K & L Bring in the Kids

Trooper Van Leer and K-9 GooseRecently, Troops K and L participated in demonstrations for Florida Turnpike Operations employees and their children. This consisted of the Patrol’s TRT (Tactical Response Team), the Rollover Simulator, and Canine demonstrations.

Trooper Fargo, K-9 Goblin, and Captain Pelton There were also patrol vehicles on display, including the LAV 150 (Light Armored Vehicle) and the Chevrolet Camaro.

Pictured left, Trooper Michael Van Leer and K-9 Goose speak to the audience and right, Trooper Benjamin Fargo and K-9 Goblin “get” the bad guy (Captain Bradford Pelton).

Trooper Benjamin Fargo, with assistance from Captain Brad Pelton, demonstrated a situation where he had to use K-9 Goblin to subdue a subject. Trooper Mike Van Leer explained the K-9 program and also conducted demonstrations with K-9 Goose.

TRT demonstrating a rescue mission with one member rappelling down the side of a building The LAV 150 ready to goTroop L’s TRT conducted Tactical Demonstrations. One showed a member rappelling from the Turnpike Operations Building, while another showed Lieutenant Richard Vore leading his team on a simulated rescue mission with the LAV 150 standing by for a quick getaway. The demonstrations were educational and fun, which resulted in a successful event.