Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Troopers Turn Storm Chasers

Sergeant Blom, Corporal Williams, and Trooper Johnson.Recently, some of our troopers became storm chasers. Shortly after Hurricane Charley hit the west coast of Florida, Troop G sent troopers to help with recovery efforts. Sergeant Kevin Blom and Trooper Joel Johnson left their families in Jacksonville to help with the recovery efforts for what they thought would be only a short period of time.

Pictured left, Sergeant Kevin Blom, Corporal Bert A. Williams, and Trooper Joel Johnson.

Two months and four hurricanes later, both were still in Ft. Pierce helping with hurricane relief efforts in that community where two hurricanes left enormous damage.

Sgt. Blom and Tpr. Kibler protecting property destroyed by Hurricane Jeanne.

Tpr. Johnson, Sgt. Blom, and Cpl. Williams manning the Hutchinson Island checkpoint.Sergeant Blom and Trooper Johnson are only two of many troopers who volunteered to help–working countless hours to assist with the aftermath of the disastrous storms.

Pictured left, Sgt. Blom and Trooper Jennifer B. Kibler protect property destroyed by Hurricane Jeanne and right, Trooper Johnson, Sgt. Blom and Cpl. Williams man the Hutchinson Island checkpoint.

When Hurricanes Charley and Jeanne devastated the Ft. Pierce and Vero Beach areas, Colonel Chris Knight was quick to send troopers from Jacksonville, Orlando, Ft. Myers, Tallahassee, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami to help citizens with the recovery efforts. In response to this assistance, Major Miguel Guzman, Troop Commander for the area, stated, “Words can not express the gratitude and heart felt thanks I feel for each trooper who responded to help these communities.”