Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Troopers Seize Harleys

seized Harley-Davidson motorcycles.FHP troopers seized 19 brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycles worth nearly $200,000 when they arrested the owner, a Coral Springs woman, for title fraud. Troopers say the woman’s company bought the bikes from a Harley-Davidson dealer in Boston. However, she failed to pay the state sales tax on the bikes. Investigators say that she paid some of the tax, but not the full amount due.

Further, she is charged with forging the signatures of friends and relatives to apply for titles for the bikes in Palm Beach County. As owner of the company, she was trying to avoid paying the state sales tax, thereby increasing her profit when the bikes were sold. However, in doing so, she broke some state laws and committed title fraud. If she is found guilty of the charges, she will be forced to forfeit the bikes. If the judge in the case awards the bikes to FHP for the seizure, they will most likely be auctioned off to the public.