Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Trooper Uncovers Identity Theft Ring

Trooper DiazAfter receiving a tip from a supervisor in an Osceola County Tax Collector’s Office, Trooper Jorge Diaz uncovered the largest identity theft ring in Central Florida, arresting fifteen people. Trooper Diaz worked many long hours on this case with assistance from Orlando’s Tactical Response Team, other troopers, the FBI, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The violators were later indicted on federal charges from the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office after Diaz made the initial arrests last year on state charges.

Members of the identity theft ring bought over 150 vehicles, valued at over one million dollars, with stolen identities that left over 60 victims with their credit badly damaged. The Florida Highway Patrol commends Trooper Diaz on his many hours of hard work in bringing these criminals to justice. He continues to work with federal agents to bring more identity theft violators to justice.