Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Trooper Helps Asthma Victim

Trooper WigfallLast month, Trooper Jewrel Wigfall provided first responder medical assistance to a Boynton Beach woman who was suffering an acute asthma attack in her vehicle on I-95 near Atlantic Avenue. Trooper Wigfall was on routine patrol in the area when he observed a vehicle parked on the shoulder with its flashers on. When he approached the vehicle, he saw two occupants frantically moving around inside. It appeared that one woman was trying to help the other. However, since the woman only spoke Spanish, Trooper Wigfall called for assistance.

With the help of a bilingual nurse Trooper Wigfall had called on his cell phone, it was determined that the victim was having an asthma attack. Trooper Wigfall called for emergency medical assistance and began administering CPR. EMS soon arrived, providing oxygen to the victim, who regained consciousness and began breathing normally. Trooper Wigfall is to be commended for his heroic actions!