Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Trooper Calibrates Portable “Intoximeter”!

Trooper Gourley calibrating a Portable Breath Testing InstrumentThe Portable Breath Testing Instrument, better known as the “Intoximeter”, allows a trooper to test the breath of a suspected impaired driver, after establishing probable cause, to determine whether or not the driver’s normal faculties are impaired. In addition, the “Intoximeter” is a valuable tool in enforcing “underage drinking laws” in Florida.

Pictured: Trooper John L. Gourley of Troop-B, Gainesville District, calibrates the “Intoximeters”.

All Florida Highway Patrol Troopers are trained in standardized field sobriety testing procedures designed to remove an impaired driver from Florida’s roadways. Troopers made 11,580 DUI arrests during 2001. Roadside sobriety checkpoints, DUI “Concentrated Patrols”, selective enforcement details, and public education campaigns are conducted throughout the state to deter or arrest motorists who drive after consuming alcoholic beverages.

Trooper Gourley, a certified Breath Test Inspector after taking a 64-hour Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Certification Course, has been with the FHP since 2001. Assigned to the Gainesville District, he checks the 10 Intoximeters utilized in Troop B every three-months.