Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Teamwork Stops Traffic Violator

Sergeant Cendan
Miguel Cendan

Trooper Arnold
Howard Arnold

Trooper Hypes
Jack Hypes

Holidays on the highway are stressful enough without adding a reckless driver into the mix. That’s when the Florida Highway Patrol gets involved. Teamwork between the “Bear in the Air” and the Troopers below took one such vehicle operator off of Interstate 75 in Hillsborough County.

Sergeant Mike Cendan, Troop C’s pilot, advised ground Troopers that he was tracking a car that was driving recklessly at 104 miles per hour. All of the ground Troopers were already on traffic stops, so Tampa Motorman Trooper Jack Hypes motioned for the driver to pull over, his commands were ignored and the vehicle continued on a little bit north to where Trooper Howard Arnold made the same command. The driver slowed down a little bit and acted like he was going to comply, then took off again once he got close to where Trooper Arnold was standing.

Watching from up above, Sgt. Cendan was able to keep an eye on the vehicle while Troopers Arnold and Hypes were finally able to get the driver to pull over. The traffic stop lead to the arrest of the subject for reckless driving and a drug offense.