Photo/Story Gallery 2004

SunGuide Center Has Grand Opening

Mr. Dickinson, Major Duarte, Colonel Knight, Governor Bush, and Lt. Colonel Gregory.Governor Jeb Bush, Executive Director Fred Dickinson, Colonel Chris Knight, and other members of the Florida Highway Patrol recently attended the grand opening of the SunGuide Transportation Management Center (TMC) in Miami.

Pictured left (L to R): Mr. Fred Dickinson, Major Ernie Duarte, Colonel Chris Knight, Governor Jeb Bush, and Lt. Colonel Rick Gregory.

The new SunGuide buildingThe Florida Highway Patrol is proud to be a part of the Department of Transportation’s new SunGuide TMC. The brand new two-story facility, connected to Troop E Headquarters, will eventually house the FHP Miami Regional Communications Center, which provides dispatch services for nine state law enforcement agencies. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission will also move their communications center to the new location in the near future.

Inside the center a trooper is monitoring traffic.The new TMC will serve as the command and control center for DOT’s District 6 Operations staff. DOT will monitor numerous video cameras that are strategically located throughout Miami-Dade County. From this central location, staff can dispatch DOT’s Road Rangers to any highway location requested by FHP or to any disabled vehicle or roadblock viewed on the cameras. This new technology enables FHP and others to provide better and faster service to Florida’s motoring public.