Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Smile! You’re On Laser

Sergeant Miller operating stationary Laser unit on I-75 near GainesvilleThe Florida Highway Patrol is taking a proactive approach to stopping “aggressive drivers” on its roadways. “Operation Safe Ride”, which was introduced on February 26 & 27, 2004, is a statewide FHP enforcement operation. During the 48-hour campaign, over 600 aggressive drivers were cited. The “Laser-Unit” is one of the devices used by the FHP to apprehend aggressive drivers.

Corporal Norris issuing a speeding citation to a motorist on Interstate 75 near GainesvillePictured left, Sergeant Dan Miller operates stationary Laser unit on I-75 near Gainesville in Troop B, during a recent Operation Safe Ride phase and right, Corporal Richard Norris of FHP’s Troop B, issues a speeding citation to a motorist on Interstate 75 near Gainesville after FHP Sergeant Dan Miller clocked him while operating the “Laser Unit.”

The Florida Highway Patrol utilizes the Laser along with other resources such as aircraft and moving radar to actively enforce unlawful speed and aggressive drivers. Laser unit is capable of clocking motor vehicles from longer distances than typical radar units. The laser unit is aimed at the vehicle by utilizing fixed eye sights. Once the laser unit is aimed and activated, it gives the speed and distance of the vehicle being checked for speed. In most cases, the motorist will not see the trooper operating the laser unit until after their vehicle has been checked for speed. So, next time you are driving too fast and you don’t think anyone is looking, think twice, you may be on “Laser Unit.”