Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Safety Billboards Going Up Everywhere

Move Over Billboard. Select to enlarge.The Florida Highway Patrol is geared up and running with its traffic safety campaigns. Currently, hundreds of giant billboards and posters with FHP’s four different traffic safety messages are going up along Florida’s major roadways, on bus shelters, and on mall kiosk panels — all in an effort to remind motorists to drive safely and obey traffic laws. The billboards and posters are a direct response to growing concerns expressed by motorists about the increase of aggressive driving habits such as tailgating or following too closely and speeding or street racing. You can spot these billboards everywhere — along Florida’s busiest highways, interstates, and the Florida Turnpike.

One billboard tells drivers not to block traffic by hanging out in the left passing lane, which is a moving violation. Another billboard advertises Florida’s Move Over Law, which requires motorists to move over from the outside lane where law enforcement and other emergency vehicle personnel are working. One billboard asks motorists to “Back off, tailgating is against the law,” and yet another speaks out against the dangerous activity of street racing on public roadways.

The Florida Highway Patrol continues its efforts to educate the motoring public about Florida’s traffic safety laws in the hopes that citizens and visitors will have the safest possible driving experience while traveling the roadways in our state.