Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Promoted and Reassigned

Mrs. Long, Lieutenant Long and Major McCarterRecently, several members of Troop E got together to celebrate a promotion and bid farewell to a longtime co-worker. Lieutenant Michael Long was presented his Certificate of Promotion by Troop E Commander, Major David McCarter. Lt. Long’s wife, Dawn, in attendance at the party, was invited to pin his new Lieutenant’s badge on him.

Lt. Long's wife, Dawn, pinning his new Lieutenant's badge on him.Pictured left, Mrs. Dawn Long, Lieutenant Michael Long and Major David McCarter and right, Mrs. Long pins Lt. Long’s new badge on him.

Lieutenant Michael Long joined the Florida Highway Patrol in 1983 and was assigned to Troop E, Miami. With a promotion to Corporal in 1994 and Sergeant in 2001 he remained assigned to Troop E. This promotion to Lieutenant will see him reassigned to Troop Q Investigations in Tallahassee.

Pictured below left, Supervisors attending the promotional party.

Congratulations and Good Luck Lt. Long!

Supervisors attending the 'Congratulation Lt. Long' cake