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More Press for Move Over Law

Troop L Commander Major Miguel Guzman speaking to the media with members of the Florida Highway Patrol and Broward Sheriff's Fire Rescue standing behind him.Recently, Troop L conducted a press conference to further enhance public awareness for Florida’s Move Over Law. In addition to conducting press conferences to spread the word about this law, FHP has created brochures, fliers, and posters that have been distributed all across Florida.

Pictured left, Troop L Commander Major Miguel Guzman speaks to the media with members of the Florida Highway Patrol and Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue standing behind him.

Currently, FHP has billboards up all over the state’s roadways asking motorists to “Please give us room to work. Move over – it’s the law!”

It has been over two years since the law went into effect. However, many motorists continue to break this law, endangering the lives of law enforcement and emergency responders trying to do their jobs. Troopers report that few act in compliance with this law. The Move Over Law requires that motorists move over away from any emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the roadway with its lights flashing, then motorists must slow down and drive cautiously. Motorists must change lanes away from the emergency vehicle if they are on a multi-lane highway and can do so safely. If drivers can’t change lanes safely, or they are on a two-lane highway, they must slow down while maintaining a safe speed so as not to impede other traffic.

Move Over Law Billboard“Move Over Act” Public Service Announcement
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Because there is still so much confusion and misinformation about the Move Over Law, FHP and other agencies continue to stress its importance, trying to get information out to the motoring public in every way possible. At this recent press conference held at FHP’s station in Davie, the entire South Florida media market was present. In fact, the media continues to be very helpful in getting the message out all across the state. The Highway Patrol received extensive news coverage, both on television and in the newspapers regarding this law. Immediately following the press conference, troopers conducted a selective enforcement detail from 10:30 AM -12:00 PM, targeting Move Over Law violators. Reporters riding along with troopers during this detail witnessed 30 citations, 26 of which were Move Over violations, in just 1 1/2 hours. The next day, a similar enforcement detail was conducted, resulting in 37 citations, with 29 of those being Move Over violations. Troopers will continue to aggressively enforce the Move Over Law, so motorists need to watch out!