Photo/Story Gallery 2004

“Operation Safe Ride”

Florida Highway Patrol standing ready to stop aggressive drivers in Florida.Aggressive drivers beware! The message is clear: Road rage is a Crime! If you are caught driving aggressively on Florida’s roadways, you will get a ticket! Colonel Chris Knight, Director of the Florida Highway Patrol, kicked off Operation Safe Ride this week on roadways all across Florida. Safe Ride is a statewide aggressive driving enforcement campaign designed to catch motorists who exhibit aggressive driving behaviors behind the wheel. If you are an aggressive driver–you are breaking the law, and you will pay the price!

Operation Safe Ride is being launched in reaction to growing concerns over aggressive drivers and incidents of road rage throughout Florida, particularly in the southern part of the state. Safe Ride will be conducted in all ten FHP field troops across the state beginning February 26th. “We have received numerous complaints from citizens and visitors regarding aggressive drivers in every part of Florida, particularly in urban areas,” said Colonel Knight. “As a result of the increasing numbers of these complaints, we have asked the ten troop commanders throughout the state to dedicate every resource available to identify and cite, or in some cases, arrest individuals who are placing other motorists at risk as a result of their aggressive driving behavior.” Knight added.

All available personnel will participate in Operation Safe Ride, including troopers and supervisors normally assigned to non-patrol functions. Troopers will use radar, Vascar, video cameras, motorcycles, unmarked patrol cars, and airplanes. During daylight hours, FHP will use seven aircraft to spot aggressive drivers from the air and direct troopers on the ground to move in for enforcement. During the operation, troopers will focus their enforcement efforts on every Interstate and major road, as well as Florida’s Turnpike. So, motorists beware! Aggressive driving is a crime — Troopers are watching!