Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Lt. Saves Woman From Burning Car

Lt. MillsCongratulations to Lt. Bobby Mills for being selected as recipient of the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Month Award for January 2004 for his life saving actions of pulling a motorist from a burning vehicle.

On January 23rd, Lieutenant Bobby Mills heard a zone trooper being dispatched to respond to a head-on collision involving an overturned vehicle on fire. Being in close proximity, Lt. Mills advised the duty officer that he would assist. Upon arriving on the scene, Lt. Mills noticed smoke coming from an overturned vehicle. He immediately retrieved his fire extinguisher and ran toward the vehicle. As he got closer, he heard the voice of a female crying for help. The door of the overturned vehicle was jammed because of damages sustained in the crash. The fire quickly started to spread.

Lt. Mills used his fire extinguisher to try to keep the fire from burning the female victim. Another motorist arrived with a pick axe and began prying the car door open. After several attempts, the rear door was finally opened. While the motorist held the door open, Lt. Mills pulled the female passenger from the burning vehicle–only seconds before the car became fully engulfed in flames. Soon, the local Fire Department arrived on scene and extinguished the fire. The female victim, who was airlifted to the hospital with severe burns from her waist down, survived the crash thanks to the heroic efforts of Lt. Mills and a fellow motorist. Unfortunately, the two occupants in the other vehicle died from their crash injuries.