Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Lt. Bass Named MIT State Agent of Change

Lt. Bass is presented with the State Agent of Change AwardLieutenant Russ Bass (shown center) from the Florida Highway Patrol’s Technology and Communications Section was recognized as the State Agent of Change winner of the 5th Annual Accenture and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Digital Government Awards.

The State Agent of Change award was presented to Lieutenant Bass in March at the FOSE 2004 Trade Show in Washington, D.C. – the largest annual government trade show held in the United States. The Accenture and MIT Digital Government Awards recognize technology breakthroughs that deliver public sector value in government and higher education in the United States.

Lieutenant Bass was honored as the State Agent of Change Winner for his work in creating innovative radio programming functionality for Florida’s law enforcement agencies. Lt. Bass’s goal was to provide programming that allows users to roam the state while maintaining contact with the local communication center, thereby providing safety to officers traveling throughout Florida. Lt. Bass also developed console logic in conjunction with the radio programming that patches together talk groups, instantly creating inter-agency communication at a variety of levels. The system contributes to maximizing channel resources and eliminating the out of service of communication that previously occurred when users traveled out of talk group areas into territories beyond there normal radio coverage. The system and its transition plan were later adopted by many participating law enforcement agencies.

Congratulations to Lt. Russ Bass for representing the Florida Highway Patrol in such an excellent manner and for winning this most prestigious award!