Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Harley-Davidson’s Mission to “Arrive Alive”

Trooper CogginsThe March meeting of the Tampa Bay Harley-Davidson Owners Group invited Trooper Larry Coggins, Troop C Public Affairs Officer, to speak on behalf of the FHP regarding motorcycle safety. The FHP and Harley-Davidson have a rich tradition and partnership, so it was fitting that the FHP be represented.

The group of over 300 enjoyed the opportunity to chat with Trooper Coggins regarding the growing popularity of motorcycle ownership. Many in the group have experienced a crash or loss of a friend or family member while riding a motorcycle. Coggins provided them with a refresher on helmet, eye protection, and over-all riding rules. Coggins closed the presentation by taking a short ride with members of the club and a reminder to never get complacent regarding safety on the bike and in the car.