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FHP’s Stealth Cars Featured on NBC Dateline

Trooper Orsino, Lt. Santangelo, Trooper Brammer, and John Hackenberry. NBC Dateline's John Hackenberry interviewing Lt. Pajon for the show. Troopers preparing to combat aggressive drivers on South Florida's highways.

 Pictured left to right: L to R: Trooper Nicolas Orsino, Lt. Pat Santangelo, Trooper Sean Brammer, and John Hackenberry; NBC Dateline’s John Hackenberry interviews Lt. Julio Pajon for the show; Troopers prepare to combat aggressive drivers on South Florida’s highways.

NBC Dateline will air a special feature highlighting FHP’s new stealth vehicles later this month. The upcoming segment on Dateline will explore the serious driving dangers associated with what are being called “Tuner Cars”–ordinary street vehicles that have been enhanced to increase their horsepower and performance abilities, allowing them to accelerate from 0-60 in less than five seconds, and travel at well over 100 MPH. The question being asked is what can law enforcement officers do to combat these types of cars that are now racing up and down our nation’s highways?

NBC Dateline correspondent John Hackenberry recently interviewed Lt. Julio Pajon, asking him what FHP is doing in response to the problem of drivers using Florida’s public highways as race tracks. Troop E (Miami) has been very proactive in combating this serious problem. Lt. Pajon explained that FHP’s enforcement efforts have been enhanced with the addition of the recently donated high performance stealth cars–three Mercury Marauders and a Ford Mustang. These cars were recently put into action to help combat aggressive drivers and speeders on South Florida roadways.

Later, John Hackenberry met with Troopers Nicolas Orsino and Sean Brammer–both members of the new Aggressive Driving Enforcement Team. Then, he went on patrol with Trooper Brammer to get a first-hand look at FHP in action. To learn more about FHP’s new enforcement efforts, tune in to NBC Dateline this Sunday night!