Photo/Story Gallery 2004

FHP Teams Up With FTA

FHP Camaro in FTA truck's 'No-Zone'another FHP vehicle in FTA truck's 'No-Zone'On March 24, 2004, The Florida Trucking Association (FTA) held its annual “Truckers Day” at the Capitol in Tallahassee. The focus of the exhibition was to raise the awareness of Legislators and citizens alike on the hazards of driving in a trucker’s blind spots.

Pictured left, FHP Camaro in FTA truck’s “No-Zone”

Several of the FTA “No-Zone” trucks were parked in the Capitol Courtyard with FHP Patrol Units strategically placed around them to demonstrate the blind spot issues truckers face. Visitors to the exhibit were encouraged to sit in the driver’s seat of one of the big rigs for a first-hand glimpse of the viewing limitations truck drivers deal with daily.