Photo/Story Gallery 2004

FHP Stops Red Light Runners

Trooper Murphy stopping a red light runner.For the seventh consecutive year, Troop G has partnered with local law enforcement to heighten public awareness for National Stop Red Light Running Week, which ran from August 29 – September 6, 2004. Troopers and deputies from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) actively worked high-crash intersections in Duval County in an attempt to stop motorists from running red lights – a very dangerous violation.

Sgt. Thomason calling out violators to JSO and FHP units.Pictured left, Trooper Clay Murphy stops a red light runner and right, Sgt. Pat Thomason calls out violators to JSO and FHP units.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, motorists nationwide caused 106,000 crashes by running red lights in the year 2000, which resulted in 89,000 injuries and 1,036 deaths. A recent survey suggests that 96% of drivers “fear they will get hit by a red light runner when they enter an intersection.” It is clear that tougher enforcement is needed. On the very first day of the operation, law enforcement officers caught 293 red light runners. The message to the public: Stop running those red lights!