Photo/Story Gallery 2004

FHP Lends a Hand – and Gets a Hand

Trees on top of a home Another view of the trees on the house.Troopers in the Panhandle, which was hit hard by Hurricane Ivan, are still lending a helping hand to citizens during post hurricane clean-up efforts. Several detail troopers discovered an elderly widow from Pensacola who had four large trees fall on her home. Sgt. Keven Blom, along with Troopers Joel Johnson, Karen Livingston, and Elias Sanchez borrowed chainsaws to remove three of the trees from the woman’s home.

Trooper Karen Livingston then made contact with Mark Eplee of AAA Tree Service of Atlanta, who offered to help remove the largest of the trees at no charge. Mr. Eplee stated , “he was glad to help with the situation when somebody truly needs help.” The woman’s home had actually been condemned because of the dangers associated with the trees. This act of kindness and the work of our troopers will help get the elderly lady back into her home.

Trooper SanchezTrooper Elias Sanchez had a return on his good deed. While he was working the Post Hurricane Ivan Detail, he suffered from a painful toothache. When he suddenly needed an emergency root canal, Dr. Strickland of Airport Dental in Pensacola opened his office, and performed a triple root canal–at no charge. Dr. Strickland said he just wanted to thank the trooper for his hard work!

Lachelle Sullivan, Manager of the Pensacola Wal-Mart, made sure that troopers working in her store’s area were provided with food, water, and other necessities while they helped the public after the storm. Also, on the day after the storm, the Wal-Mart staff in Pea Ridge gave food and water to troopers working in that area. They were not open for business, but offered to feed troopers at no charge. Thanks to Wal-mart for your support!

FHP greatly appreciates such demonstrations of community support for our troopers!