Photo/Story Gallery 2004

FHP Greets Air Force One

President Bush visits the panhandle to assess damage from Hurricane Ivan.Lt.  Moore, Sgt.  Sapp, Tpr.  Carter, Tpr. Davis, Tpr. Snow, and Cpl. Black.When President George W. Bush stepped off Air Force One at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola earlier this month, the Florida Highway Patrol was ready and waiting to help escort the Presidential Motorcade for a tour of the Hurricane Ivan disaster areas. FHP, along with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, provided motorcade security and manned traffic posts for the President’s visit.

Pictured left, President George W. Bush visits the Panhandle to assess damage from Hurricane Ivan and right, serving in the Presidential Detail were (L to R) Lt. Tommy Moore, Sgt. Darren Sapp, Tpr. Todd Carter, Tpr. Brian Davis, Tpr. Rex Snow, and Cpl. Mike Black.

Accompanying the President were Governor Jeb Bush, Alabama Governor Bob Riley, and Congressman Jeff Miller of Chumuckla. After a short motorcade escort to the Grand Lagoon area of Escambia County, President Bush and company met with local residents as they surveyed the damage left from yet another powerful hurricane to hit the state of Florida. Afterward, the motorcade traveled back to NAS Pensacola where the President boarded a Marine One helicopter to view the damage to the Gulf Shores area of the Alabama coastline.

A home damaged by hurricane Ivan. Closer view of a home damaged by hurricane Ivan. Residents viewing the damage. Residents waiting on President to arrive. Air Force One