Photo/Story Gallery 2004

F.H.P. Honors an American Hero

Corporal Ian T. Zook<BR>United States Marine CorpsIan and Mark Zook.United States Marine CorpsOn October 12, 2004, Marine Corporal Ian T. Zook, son of Florida Highway Patrol Corporal Mark Zook, was killed from a missile attack in Al Anbar province Iraq. Ian Zook’s father, Cpl. Mark Zook, has been a member of the Florida Highway Patrol for nineteen years and is currently stationed in Troop L – Ft. Pierce district. Marine Cpl. Ian T. Zook had been stationed in Iraq for just over two months as a Corporal with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, and 1st Marine Division.

Pictured left: Corporal Ian T. Zook and right, Ian Zook with his father Mark Zook.

Ian had planned to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in law enforcement after his service in the military was completed. Ian represented the core meaning of the word honor. He honored his parents and teachers. He served his community and country. He was a man of faith in deed and action each and everyday. Ian died fighting for what he believed.

Troop Commander Major Miguel Guzman had these words to say, “The flag waves and the eagle flies thanks to the men and women who stand and fight for freedom as Ian Zook did.” Ian did not ask for fame as an entertainer or superstar. When asked to serve his country, Ian did not just volunteer. He did not simply raise his hand. Ian stepped to the front and said, I will lead.

The Florida Highway Patrol will stand by the Zook Family in this time of sorrow and our prayers and thoughts are with them.

Line formation outside church Marine removing body at Interment Service. Zook family following casket. Troopers in formation at Interment Service. Marines folding flag.