Photo/Story Gallery 2004

Charley Hits Charlotte County Hard

Trooper Miller looking at the damage to the Turner Agriculture Building in Arcadia.Citizens in Charlotte County were rocked hard by Hurricane Charley on Friday the 13th at approximately 2:00 P.M. The Charlotte County community was the first struck by Charley when the storm made landfall and has suffered a devastating blow from the storm. Troopers in the Venice district were called to help — many just after their own homes were destroyed.

Pictured left, Trooper Carl Miller looks at the damage to the Turner Agriculture Building in Arcadia.

Arcadia also suffered major damage from the storm’s brutal 145 MPH winds. The Turner Agriculture Building, which was to be used as Desoto County’s emergency shelter, suffered major damage when one of the walls was smashed in. The evacuees, including family members of troopers assigned to that district, had to relocate across the street to the local high school. Troopers from the entire Arcadia district were called into action after the fury of Hurricane Charley moved into Polk County.

Troopers Oman and  Delcos unloading bottled water. Trooper Oman helping a hurricane victim.Troopers from Troops F, C, E and L were called upon to wear many different hats this past Friday. Troopers from Troop C and L’s reactionary teams were called upon to participate in search and rescue efforts.

Pictured right, Troopers Melissa Oman and Pete Delcos come to the aid of hurricane victims.

Many troopers headed to areas hardest hit to give out food and water to displaced people. Troopers from all over the state continue to assist the victims of this disaster, the aftermath of which is far from over. The true mission of the Florida Highway Patrol has been put to the test – the acts of courtesy, service and protection are alive and well in Florida!

FHP thanks those who helped our troopers and their families by providing food and greatly needed supplies.