Photo/Story Gallery 2004

108th Helps Martin County With Jeanne

The 108th Recruit Class getting ready for hurricane duty.After Hurricane Jeanne hit the east coast of Florida, Martin County Sheriff Robert L. Crowder sent out a plea for assistance from the Florida Highway Patrol. Colonel Knight was quick to respond to the call for help from a fellow law enforcement agency. Already, FHP had been called upon to activate troopers to assist with the three previous devastating hurricanes, which adversely affected nearly every county in Florida. Now, another storm threatened the Treasure Coast.

Pictured left, the 108th Recruit Class gets called up for hurricane duty.

Troopers from Jacksonville, Orlando, Ft. Myers, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale were already deployed to assist in nearby St. Lucie and Indian River counties. However, Martin County needed assistance as well.

Faced with Sheriff Crowder’s request, Colonel Knight provided a unique type of assistance–Why not use the 108th recruits, who are currently in training at the FHP Academy, to fulfill the state’s need for hurricane relief efforts?

The 108th responding to Sheriff Crowder's request for help with hurricane relief.Immediately, the decision was made and the recruits were sent from Tallahassee to help the citizens of Martin County, an area hard hit by the storm.

Recruits receiving Certificates of Appreciation for their hard work.

Pictured left, The 108th responds to Sheriff Crowder’s request for help with hurricane relief and right, Recruits receive Certificates of Appreciation for their hard work.

Troop Commander for the area troop, Major Miguel Guzman, met the recruits at the Ft. Pierce station with duty instructions. For the next five days, the members of the 108th class provided traffic control at major intersections, protected damaged property, and supported the law enforcement community in Martin County.

At the end of the detail, Sheriff Crowder addressed the 108th recruit class, expressing gratitude and appreciation for their hard work. Later, Major Guzman presented each member of the 108th class with a certificate of appreciation before they returned to the academy.

A recruit heading back to her post. Major Guzman expresses his thanks to the recruits. Sheriff Crowder expressing his thanks to the recruits.