Photo/Story Gallery 2004

106th Recruit Class Graduates

Supervisors attending“On our way to the Top”
“106 Will Never Stop”

On March 25, 2004 the Florida Highway Patrol’s 106th recruit class graduated in a ceremony at the Leon County Civic Center. Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Executive Director, Fred Dickinson, introduced Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Tom Gallagher, as the Commencement Speaker for the graduation exercises.

Of the 31 graduates, 20 began their training September 22, 2003, in the Basic Recruit Class, while the remaining 11 graduates started January 26, 2004, as members of the Certified Officers Recruit Class. After completing their respective 27 week and 8 week stints at the Academy in training, the Basic and Certified Officer Recruits were eager to receive their diplomas and badges and take their oath of office. The graduates must still complete 10 weeks of field training in their newly assigned districts before they are released to solo patrol.

106th Class in formation before graduation ceremony Graduates swearing-in another view of Graduates swearing-in
Pictured left, 106th Class in formation before graduation and right, 106th Class Graduates Swearing In.

Class awards were presented by Deputy Executive Director David Westberry and FHP Director Chris Knight:

  • Executive Director’s Award: Jacquelyn Hollis
  • Class President’s Award: Edward Pope
  • Public Speaking Award: Jonathan Gurgel
  • Marksmanship Award: Grady Lee, Jr.
  • Defensive Tactics Award: Timothy Berg
  • Physical Fitness Award(Most Improved): Tommy Rodriguez
  • Physical Fitness Award(Best Over-all): Edward Pope
  • Director’s Award: Tommy Rodriguez

Chief Dawson, Deputy Exec. Dir. Westberry, Exec. Dir. Dickenson, CFO Gallagher and Col. Knight
L-R: Chief Silvester Dawson, Deputy Exec. Director Dave Westberry, Executive Director Fred Dickenson, Florida Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher and Colonel Chris Knight

The FHP General Staff
The FHP General Staff

FLHSMV Exec. Dir. Dickenson
Introduction of Commencement Speaker by Fred O. Dickinson, FLHSMV Executive Director/

Col. Knight Presiding Col. Knight
Colonel Chris Knight Presided over the Graduation Ceremony which included Opening and Closing Remarks, leading the Pledge of Allegiance, Presentation of Special Awards, Diplomas and Badges and the Swearing-In of the new Troopers with the Oath of Office

Sgt. Johnson giving the Benediction
Sergeant V. J. Johnson gives the Benediction

CFO Gallagher CFO Tom Gallagher
Commencement Speaker, The Honorable Tom Gallagher, Chief Financial Officer

Class President Pope
Class President Edward Pope