Photo/Story Gallery 2003

Trooper Saved by the Belt!

Trooper Larry CogginsWhile on patrol in Polk County on Sunday night, January 19th, Trooper Larry Coggins of the Lakeland District clocked two cars approaching him that appeared to be racing. Trooper Coggins clocked the first vehicle at 110 miles per hour and observed the second vehicle gaining on the leader.

Trooper Coggins made a quick u-turn and began to accelerate to catch up to the violators. The second vehicle left the roadway and caused dirt and other debris to fly up and limit Coggins’ visibility. With no time to react and limited sight distance, Trooper Coggins entered the shoulder of the road and began to rotate counter-clockwise numerous times before colliding with a fence, then began to rotate numerous times clockwise, before finally coming to rest in a pasture. Unfortunately, neither of the racing vehicles were apprehended.

Passing motorists who were also forced off the road by the racing cars stopped and ran to Trooper Coggins’ aid. They found him unbuckling his seat belt and walking away from his totaled patrol car uninjured.

Just another example of how the seat belt saved a life and prevented serious injury!