Photo/Story Gallery 2003

Traffic Stops Lead to Multiple Drug & Cash Seizures

Trooper Rios counts the cash from a seizure in Jacksonville.Troopers from all across the state have been successful in turning routine traffic stops into significant drug busts and cash seizures. Last month, Trooper Kurt Glaezner stopped a van in Volusia County for unlawful speed. After finding that the driver had an improper tag, the vehicle was impounded and a routine inventory conducted. A subsequent search yielded 3 kilos of cocaine-a street value of $236,000 and an AR-15 assault rifle. The driver was arrested for armed trafficking.

Pictured left, Trooper Luis Rios counts the cash from a seizure in Jacksonville.

North in Columbia County, Trooper Robert Roux stopped a 1994 Lexus for unlawful speed. After talking with the driver, who appeared very nervous, and being told of a previous drug arrest by the passenger, a search was conducted. Approximately 525 grams of cocaine were found with a street value of $52,500. Also in Columbia County, Trooper Keith Slanker stopped a 1991 Chevy for faulty equipment. Observing the smell of burning marijuana from the vehicle, Trooper Slanker conducted a search and found 24 grams of heroin and 11 grams of marijuana.

K-9 GooseThe next day in St. Lucie County, Trooper Kurt Hardley stopped a 1996 Chevy for an equipment violation, and after finding the driver’s license was suspended, obtained consent to search the vehicle. Trooper Van Leer helped out using K-9 Goose (shown left) who alerted to the driver’s side door. A search found 2 pounds of methamphetamine.

Last week in Jacksonville, Troopers Luis Rios and Tom Colalillo were working traffic enforcement in a construction zone, when they stopped a northbound vehicle for speeding. K-9 Jewels Because the driver was nervous and gave conflicting statements, a search was conducted. A stash of $9,750 was seized from the vehicle, and an investigation turned over to FDLE.

In Land O’ Lakes, Trooper Jason Lemery stopped a 1999 Dodge Durango for unlawful speed and illegal window tint. Since the driver exhibited suspicious behavior, a search was performed using K-9 Jewels (shown right). Jewels alerted to the driver’s side door and a complete search was conducted, yielding a tote bag containing 500 grams of cocaine. Thanks to these and other troopers all across Florida who make significant drug and cash seizures while doing their job on routine patrol! Keep up the good work!