Photo/Story Gallery 2003

Search Reveals Cocaine Filled Battery

Battery compartment found filled with cocaine On Saturday, August 9, 2003, while working Statewide Overtime Action Response (S.O.A.R.) on I-75 in Sumter County, Trooper Jason Lemery stopped the driver of a 1994 Mercury van from Texas for an improper lane change and following too closely. Trooper Lemery became suspicious when the driver could not produce any identification, and he and his passenger displayed considerable nervousness and could not agree on their trip plan.

3.5 kilos of cocaine fit inside a battery compartmentTrooper Jimmie Davis arrived as backup, and walked K-9 Jewels around the vehicle. Jewels alerted to the area around the hood and fender seam on the driver’s side of the van. A search of this area revealed an altered battery, which contained a false compartment. The battery compartment was filled with approximately 3.5 kilos of cocaine.

The driver and passenger were both arrested and booked into the Sumter County jail on charges of drug trafficking.  Thanks to S.O.A.R. and excellent police work, two more drug dealers are off the Florida roadways. Good work guys!