Photo/Story Gallery 2003

Prom Night DUI Crash Reenacted

Trooper Miller and Lt. Tucker at the event.Recently, the Florida Highway Patrol participated in a mock DUI crash exercise at University High School in Orlando. Five troopers participated in the reenactment of a DUI crash on Prom Night. The event, which lasted about an hour, was designed to allow teen drivers to see first-hand what can happen as a consequence of drinking and driving.

Trooper Josepha Sims making notification to the parents in the exercise. Pictured left, Troopers Chris Dickens and David Rodriguez, crash investigators in the mock DUI and right, Trooper Josepha Sims making notification to the parents in the exercise.

In the mock exercise, FHP troopers, local police, and emergency medical personnel arrive at the scene of a simulated DUI crash. Later, another scene is reenacted when an officer, in this case, Trooper Josepha Sims, must face the parents to notify them that their child has been killed in a crash. It is hoped that presentations such as this one will get teens to understand that if “you drink and drive, you lose.”