Photo/Story Gallery 2003

Operation “Shades of Red

2 troopers wait to catch violators in front of the FHP station in Orlando Recently, Troop D-Orlando participated in Operation Shades Of Red, a red light running detail. Fourteen troopers from the Orlando motorcycle and expressway squads manned 3 intersections to catch red light “runners.”

Pictured left, Two troopers wait to catch violators in front of the FHP station in Orlando.

Twenty-four (24) traffic citations were issued in just 90 minutes, in addition to 1 felony arrest and a seizure. Operation Shades of Red was launched after a violator stated that the light was not “that red” after being stopped for running a red light.

Red light running is a problem in Florida. The cost to society for Florida motorists running red lights last year was $379 million, based on 11,661 crashes with 121 fatalities and 16,260 injuries. Because of this, Florida’s Community Traffic Safety Teams have, for the past several years, conducted public information, education, and strict enforcement campaigns dedicated to raising public awareness of the risks associated with running red lights. The campaigns have been successful, and in many areas, law enforcement agencies have developed a reputation for strict enforcement against those running red lights.