Photo/Story Gallery 2003

Mock DUI Crash in Lake City

Trooper Creech participates in the Mock DUI presentation in Columbia CountyFHP Troop B recently participated in a Mock DUI Crash Scene Presentation, along with the Columbia County Community Traffic Safety Team, local law enforcement agencies, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Rescue Units, and local Funeral Homes.

Pictured: Trooper Brian Creech participates in the Mock DUI presentation in Columbia County

All of these agencies combined efforts under the sponsorship of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and coordination of FDOT Engineer Jim Beach to present the event to area high school students.

This year’s event held at Columbia County High School’s football field brought three local high schools together. Senior and Junior High students from Columbia County High School, Fort White High School and Suwannee County High School all attended the DUI Mock Crash. Students from Columbia High School played the roles of drivers and passengers in this mock crash presentation.

The participants in the Mock DUI Crash presented a staged two-car crash involving a motorcycle in which there were two traffic fatalities and two serious injuries. This year’s event also included a courtroom scene with Judge Tom Coleman presiding at a Mock DUI Manslaughter Trial. The event ended with Trooper Brian Creech delivering the Next-of-Kin Death Notification to the parents of one of the teens killed in the crash.

Perhaps the proactive efforts of law enforcement, including Mock DUI Crash presentations such as this one, helped contribute to this year’s successful Prom period, as Troop B did not experience a single serious injury or fatality crash involving students during this time.