Photo/Story Gallery 2003

MADD Presents Awards for 2003

2003 MADD award winnersTroop EMothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) hosted their annual award ceremony in Miami-Dade County.

Members of Troop E’s DUI Squad were honored at the ceremony for their continued commitment in apprehending impaired drivers, thus, making our roadways safe. Members of the DUI squad include Sergeant Edward Jones, Troopers Talton Dunn, Rene Guillen, Alex Annunziato, Claudia Mulvey, Ray Addison, and Carlos Montenegro.

Trooper DunnTrooper AnnunziatoTroopers Talton Dunn, Rene Guillen, and Alex Annunziato were also given a special recognition award for their expertise in the apprehension of impaired drivers.

Pictured left, Trooper Talton Dunn and right, Troopers Alex Annunziato.

Troop E also received an award for DUI enforcement.

Other FHP members at the event were Major David L. McCarter, Captains Sammie Thomas and Mary Lathrop; Lieutenants Luis Ramil and Julio Pajon.

Trooper Dunn and his family
Trooper Talton Dunn and his family

Trooper Montenegro and his wife
Trooper Carlos Montenegro and his wife

Trooper Annunziato and his wife
Trooper Alex Annunziato and his wife

Trooper Mulvey and her husband
Trooper Claudia Mulvey and her husband