Photo/Story Gallery 2003

FHP Teaches Safe Driving Practices

Corporal Speigner, Troop H, talks about safe driving with some Wakulla County teen drivers.Recently, Corporal Brian Speigner visited three Wakulla County High School driver education classes to talk to students about the importance of safe driving habits and the dangerous consequences of drinking and driving. To better demonstrate the effects of alcohol while trying to operate a vehicle, Corporal Speigner and driver education teacher Mr. Clarke, encouraged the students to put on special goggles, called Fatal Vision goggles, which simulate an over-the-limit BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), while trying to pass a simulated sobriety test and operate a vehicle simulator in the classroom.

Pictured: Corporal Brian Speigner, Troop H, talks about safe driving with some Wakulla County teen drivers.

Many students tried their best to walk a straight line and complete the sobriety requirements, but many could not do it wearing the goggles, which distorted and blurred their vision much as alcohol consumption does. At the end of each session, Corporal Speigner informed students of the serious consequences and tremendous costs associated with aggressive driving, speeding, and drunk driving. He reminded students to think before they act, and that citations are very expensive and the risk of injury and death is a very serious matter.

In additional efforts to raise awareness of safe driving practices among teen drivers, Sergeant Bill Turner and members of the Wakulla County Community Traffic Safety Team held several safety belt awareness events. Students who were caught wearing their seatbelts as they left school were rewarded with key chains and pens with safety messages to remind them to always buckle up!