Photo/Story Gallery 2003

FHP Supports Primary Seat Belt Law

State Representative Irving Slosberg speaking at event.State Representative Irving Slosberg, District 90, Boca Raton, (shown above) has reintroduced House Bill 125, a long-running bill that would allow law enforcement officers to stop and ticket drivers when any person in a vehicle is not wearing a safety belt.

Representative Slosberg, an outspoken traffic safety advocate and strong supporter of the Florida Highway Patrol, held a press conference at the Florida Capitol on Wednesday, March 26, 2003, to discuss the proposed legislation. Colonel Chris Knight, several other members of the FHP, and numerous Florida Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, attended the press conference in support of Representative Slosberg and his proposed life-saving legislation.

State Representative Irving Slosberg speaking at event.Currently, law enforcement officers in Florida need another reason to stop a vehicle when an occupant is not wearing a safety belt. Making not wearing a safety belt a primary offense, would save 262 lives, 6,200 injuries and save $636 million a year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Pictured right: Colonel Chris Knight speaks in support of primary seat belt legislation

Because safety belt usage would increase from 67 percent to 87 percent, Florida could potentially receive a six-year bonus from the federal government for $25 to $50 million per year.

Senator Debbie Wasserman-Schultz District 34, Pembroke Pines, is sponsoring an identical bill in the Florida Senate.