Photo/Story Gallery 2003

Duty Officers Recognized During National Telecommunications Week

Jacksonville Regional Communications Center Staff The men and women of The Florida Highway Patrol who serve as Duty Officers in the seven joint dispatch centers throughout the state deserve praise for their hard work and dedication – especially during National Telecommunications Week, April 13-19, 2003.

Pictured left: Jacksonville Regional Communications Center Staff.

This week, FHP’s communications personnel are recognized and commended for the wonderful job they do each and every day to help keep Florida’s citizens safe on our roadways. Recent events in our world, nation, and state make the duties these men and women perform even more crucial to our homeland safety. Their jobs are vital to the Patrol’s efforts to serve and protect the residents and visitors of Florida.

Our Duty Officers consistently perform in a knowledgeable and professional manner-doing an exceptional job as the first voice heard by motorists in need. These valuable FHP members deserve special praise this week, and our continued appreciation throughout the year!

Additional Photos from the Communications Centers

Tallahassee Regional Communications Center

Duty Officers Robert Tarter & Gloria Bryan

Duty Officers Norine Dunn & Valerie Pavlas

Duty Officers L to R: Supervisor Margaret Goodman, Marie McNicol, Mike Jenkins, & Aleshia Harris

Ft. Myers Regional Communications Center

Duty Officers L to R: Eileen Dzuiba, Kelly Petracca, Jeanne Parker, Emily Wright, Nicole Zyvoloski, Captain William Roberson, Bill Griffis

Jacksonville Regional Communications Center

Duty Officer Supervisor Ronald Cooper

Miami Regional Communications Center

Duty Officer Susan Charleston

Duty Officer Patty Chong-Yen

Duty Officer Venise Smith

Captain Thomas Cowart & Deborah Brierton

Duty Officer Supervisor Deborah Brierton

Duty Officer Tameiko Adams

Duty Officer Gail Nees

Tampa Regional Communications Center

Duty Officers L to R Earl Boyette, Paige Clark, Cindy Morrison, Fernando Tercero, and Duty Officer Supervisor Matt Bennett